Merrill Institute Gears Up to Host another Virtual Career Fair

With summer session in full swing, the Merrill Institute is prepping for another Virtual Career Fair.

What is a Reverse Career Fair? It is a unique type of career fair, allowing students to showcase the knowledge and skills they learn from completing the Merrill Institute’s 12-week welding program. Companies have the opportunity to review our students weld performance samples, biographies, professional resumes, cover letters and even conduct mini-interviews with the potential to hire on the spot!

Not only do our students graduate with an AWS SENSE Level 1 Nationally recognized certification, they gain the skills and knowledge to meet current industry demands. We pride ourselves on instilling the soft skills they need to be successful within any organization.

Our students will have the opportunity to interview with up to 120 companies, between August 31 and September 17. If you are a hiring company interested in this event or would like to request more information, please contact Teri Webster at 989.462.0322 or [email protected].