Training Corporate Welders

In the midst of a busy Spring 2021 Semester, the Merrill Institute has also been implementing its corporate programs side of the business helping to train skilled welders for MERRILL, our parent company who recently received funding from the Going Pro Talent Program.

MERRILL is set to begin a complex fabrication project that requires additional training to their existing and skilled workforce. Putting their hard-earned grant dollars to use, they turned to Merrill Institute to prepare and train their welders.

The training consists of intermediate and advanced welding techniques in the processes of FCAW, GMAW and GTAW on carbon steels, aluminum, and stainless steels. This training will be conducted on a Level I, II, and III scale to upskill the team members of MERRILL’s Alma, Michigan based fabrication facility.

Merrill Institute has completed two sessions of the “intermediate training” during the month of May, and the “advanced training” is scheduled for the coming weeks in June.

If your organization would like a consultation on how the Merrill Institute can help you expertly train your welders, contact us at 989.462.0322 or visit the corporate services tab within our website.