MERRILL Institute Participates in Coleman Schools Elective Summer Program

With COVID-19 restrictions lifted, Merrill Institute was able to participate in its first in-person event. The students of Coleman Middle and High Schools were encouraged to try their hand at welding with our virtual welder. Both students and teachers’ competitive sides came through when they battled in a “weld off” where the highest score took home a Merrill Institute t-shirt. No student was left out as there were plenty of prizes for the students to win!

It is always a great time when we get to showcase the opportunities, we offer to students who could potentially find a career in welding or manufacturing. We take pleasure in participating in these types of events because it gives students the ability to explore new career options and opens their eyes to different possibilities they may have not considered. A big thank you to Coleman for inviting us to this event.

For those students who may be interested in a career in welding, contact a Merrill Institute Enrollment Specialist by calling 989.462.0322.