Merrill Institute Completes Another Successful AWS Audit

We are proud to announce that we have successfully completed our on-site audit and the Merrill Institute will continue to be certified as an AWS Accredited Test Facility (ATF).

As an Accredited Testing Facility, Merrill Institute has the capability to perform welder qualification and assessment testing for both companies and individuals. Whether you are a manufacturer looking to save money, or just want to advance your career by adding to your credentials, the Merrill Institute is the perfect solution. At the Merrill Institute we take pride in offering our students every opportunity to be successful, this is why we are excited to be one of Michigan’s five ATF’s, with Merrill Institute being the only centralized ATF in the state.

To become AWS certified and begin your career in welding, call 989.462.0322 to speak with an Enrollment Specialist.