Merrill Institute Implements Rebrand

Merrill Institute celebrates its 10th year in business by implementing the final phase of our goal to create a stronger visual identity. We consolidated our logo, branding colors, and tagline with a look and feel that aligns with our school’s expertise and services.

The Merrill Institute has been offering our students extensive hands-on training for 10 years. Our welding program is not your typical class, 85% of the 12-week program is held in the welding labs and only 15% is classroom instruction. Merrill Institute’s previous logo depicts a pencil, which portrays class time and homework and the tagline led folks to believe that we are an engineering or art school. The new logo and tagline give potential students an unspoken confidence in the Merrill Institute, with its specific references to welding, clearly emulating the business Merrill Institute portrays.

Our new tagline “Weld the way to your future” says it all.

To learn more about a career in welding contact a Merrill Institute Enrollment Specialist by calling 989.462.0322.